The Hájek Firm, PLLC
We are a boutique law firm that represents individuals, small businesses, real estate
developers and other property owners in all types of business, real estate, and legal

Our clients rely on us to assist them with complex business and real estate transactions.
We work with our clients to creatively resolve issues involving contracts, real estate
development, sales, leasing, financing, landlord-tenant matters, title issues, boundary and
easement disputes. We represent individuals, members, partners and investors in various
ownership disputes and dissolutions and seek innovative solutions to resolve conflicts
using our depth of experience, without the necessity of resorting to litigation.

We also aggressively represent our clients who elect to pursue or defend their legal rights
and interest whether through litigation or contractually-mandated mediation or arbitration.  
No matter the forum, we are fully prepared to assert our client's rights in any business or
real estate related dispute.
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